Lower Moreland’s Newest Police Officer


Vadim Prater

      This spring, the Lower Moreland Police Department has an adorable new addition! Kermit, a two-year-old German Shepherd, is here to help protect the community. Still in training, he works with his partner, Officer Volkert. I had the pleasure of meeting them and learning more about this newest member of the department.
      Kermit has something pretty unique – his own car that is made especially for him! He is still new to the job, and has some additional training to do this fall. Kermit can sniff out illegal items and is learning how to patrol the community. He seems to enjoy his position as Lower Moreland’s first police dog and loves meeting members of our community. Being in the field of law enforcement runs in Kermit’s family, as his sister is also a member of a K9 unit. When he is off duty, he lives with his partner, Office Volkert.