Covid Can’t Stop Lower Moreland Music


Mr. Stroup

Jazz Band practices while masked and socially distant.

Lisa Ross, Writer

The music program looks quite different this school year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But students at Lower Moreland High School are fortunate to have dedicated and supportive music teachers and administrative staff during these unprecedented and challenging times. Music teachers have to go the extra mile to get all the members of the band or the orchestra on the same page, regardless of whether students are fully-virtual or hybrid. Music teachers have to make appropriate adjustments in terms of students sitting and maintaining proper distancing, using different musical instruments, and of course, properly disinfecting and sanitizing. Students at Lower Moreland High School are lucky to have individual musical instruments, unlike many students in other school districts who have to share their instruments or do not have an opportunity to participate in the in-person rehearsals.

Fortunately, the music program at Lower Moreland High School is running smoothly, despite the changes in scheduling and learning experiences. Mr. Stroup, our legendary Band Director, wrote, in his introductory letter to the Lower Moreland community, that students have proven again and again that with music as their vehicle, “tradition never graduates.” Lower Moreland High School students can express themselves in a new and creative way through music, facing their challenges head-on. Freshmen students are often guided by their older and more experienced counterparts, as sophomore, junior, and senior musicians provide valuable and important feedback to freshmen by sharing their techniques and styles.

The “Smart Music” Program is an excellent educational tool available to all Lower Moreland High School students, providing valuable opportunities for them to learn and practice melody and rhythm using a computer, iPad, or a Chromebook. “Smart Music” is a web-based suite of music education tools that support efficient practice, assisting young musicians to develop and grow.

Despite the challenges encountered because of the pandemic, the students at Lower Moreland High School were able to prepare for the Winter Band Program Showcase, featuring various performances by the Symphonic Band, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Ensemble, Jazz Lab Band, small groups, and solo or individual performances by our students. Every single performance in the concert, whether by an experienced musician, or a freshman, required countless hours of hard work and repetition, dedication, and collaboration. Please visit Lower Moreland High School’s website to view the entire Winter Band Program Showcase, as well as the Winter Choir and Orchestra Concert. Enjoy the performances!