Twins Take Tennis Team by Storm


Serving up a powerful shot

Sharon Lee

If you’ve arrived at school on time these past few weeks, you’ve probably heard the announcements about two young twins dominating the competition for the Lower Moreland Tennis Team. Rebecca and Hannah Kideckel, two freshmen on the varsity team, have an interesting story to tell. 

The twin sisters have been playing tennis for 10 years, ever since they were four. Hannah looks up to Rafael Nadal, her tennis hero, because “He’s a leftie!” Rebecca attributes her favorite tennis quote to Roger Federer: “I fear no one but I respect everyone.”Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert and Steve Janison is their favorite tennis-related book. Although being on the varsity team is difficult at times, Rebecca’s perseverance and Hannah’s confidence shine on the courts. 

Aside from tennis, Rebecca and Hannah, or, alternately, Belle and Eloise, like to participate in extracurriculars like the French Club. They also participate in Yearbook Club, News Studio, Science Club, and World Affairs Council. Juggling tennis and schoolwork, Hannah and Rebecca sure have a lot on their plates. However, Hannah says that tennis in high school is not as bad as she thought it would be because the upperclassmen on her team are very welcoming. 

When talking about the Lower Moreland team, as compared to their own private competitions, Rebecca says that when playing at a tournament, you play to win by yourself or with one other person. But on the Lower Moreland team, you play for your team as a whole and have a lot of fun in the process. Both Hannah and Rebecca really cherish these differences and appreciate both experiences in their own right. 

If you’ve watched the US Open recently, you’ve seen the amount of stress that elite players are under; but Hannah credits her team for helping her with it. She said, “My mental attitude is really not that good, but all you can do is trust your teammates and believe in yourself.”

So next time you are listening to the announcements and hear about tennis or anything that has to do with utter domination, just know that the girls have done it once again.