LMHS Mini-THON Holds Virtual Event


Mini-THON captains hold up the final amount fundraised.

Lauren Erlichman, Writer

They say that it is the toughest times that reveal true character, and this certainly held true for this year’s abnormal Mini-THON season. Despite the Covid-19 pandemic making it difficult to carry out some of the traditional Mini-THON events, the captains, heads, and advisors worked together to continue raising awareness for pediatric cancer. 

Still wanting to make an impact, the Mini-THON team stepped up and unleashed their creativity by planning a variety of Covid-safe fundraising events including, but not limited to, flocking, pumpkin carving contest, donation dares, and TikTok contests. 

As the Mini-THON season progressed, word spread quickly of the plan for LMHS’s first ever virtual Mini-THON. With hours upon hours of preparation, the Mini-THON team was able to pull off this flawless event with much community engagement. The virtual event lasted two hours and consisted of fun games like trivia, Kahoot! competitions, the line dance, and highlights of some of our favorite lip sync/dance competition performances. 

This year, LMHS Mini-THON was still able to contribute to a brighter future for the kids and raised $22,970.15!


This year Mini-THON had about fifty flamingos flock to the homes of Lower Moreland community members in an effort to raise money and awareness for pediatric cancer. What started as a simple Instagram post quickly became one of Mini-THON’s most highly demanded, popular events. 

Each day, the Event Fundraising captains and heads would travel to houses in the community and place about 10 – 20 flamingos on a family’s lawn, depending on what size flock they purchased. The flock would migrate to its next home in 24 hours, and this cycle continued until they completely sold out for the season. 

Who knew that plastic pink flamingos would bring community members so much fun and joy?!