LMHS Mini-THON to Hold Virtual Event


Students enjoy LMHS’ 2019 mini-THON. (Photo Credit: LMHS mini-THON)

Chessie Bovasso

Mini-THON is a beloved event at Lower Moreland High School. Local businesses and participants donate to the cause, and Mini-THON captains organize fundraisers in the lead-up to the November event.  The main event, which typically lasts from 10:00 A.M to 10:00 P.M on the Friday before Thanksgiving break, is made up of sports, heart wrenching stories, and those much-anticipated dance-offs. It is an exciting way to bring people together to raise money for kids with pediatric cancer, or “FTK.” This year, however, like most things, Mini-THON is undergoing some major changes due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

For starters, one major change comes in modifying one of the biggest parts of Mini-THON: fundraising.

This year, we are shifting away from fundraising, as we do not feel soliciting businesses in our area is appropriate during this challenging time,” Ms. Pearson explained. The main focus of this year’s Mini-THON will be more on raising awareness of pediatric cancer and being there to support the kids than fundraising.

There will also be no in-person events, though this change was more expected. This year will see Lower Moreland High School’s first virtual Mini-THON, with new events planned for the virtual world. Of course, large group sports and dance routines cannot be done during a pandemic, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be other fun events planned.

“It will be a 2-hour live stream that includes many favorite moments from a typical Mini-THON– family stories, games and more,” Ms. Pearson went on to say. This year’s Mini-Thon will have its own exciting events, as different as they may be. However, even with everything happening this year, the most important part of Mini-THON will stay the same. “We are dedicated to bringing awareness to pediatric cancer and that will not change,” Ms. Pearson concluded. Needless to say, despite the changes occurring, Mini-THON this year will still have its heartfelt message and spirit.