Writers Wanted: Top Reasons to Join the Lion’s Roar


The Lion’s Roar team tried to look tough but some cracked smiles…

Lisa Ross, Writer

Have you considered joining the Lion’s Roar and writing articles? If the answer is yes, you will be a part of the team of talented, creative, and hardworking individuals who share their ideas and personal experiences with the Lower Moreland High School community. Not only is the writing and editing process an integral part of developing critical skills, but it also builds personal relationships and shapes individuals’ perspectives, opinions, and identities. Contributing and writing for the Lion’s Roar will help to ensure a high-quality experience, both academic and extracurricular, for any student.  

Being a writer for the Lion’s Roar is one of the most rewarding and beneficial extracurricular activities. First, it can improve a writer’s creative skills. Composing articles empowers students to demonstrate their writing abilities and voice their opinions. Another reason for writing is building personal confidence. Participating in the school newspaper helps students feel accepted, boosting great enthusiasm in presenting their ideas.  Additionally, writing amplifies the learning process by having students take part in debates, creating stories, and sharing their ideas with others. Students are free to express their honest opinions and ideas in the newspaper, sharing their personal experiences with others. I believe that writing can improve communication between all students in our school. Writing can improve association among students and build friendships. Furthermore, being a member of the school newspaper helps students to identify and work on important issues for our school, making Lower Moreland a better place for all. Being a writer and part of our club, builds strong teamwork skills and valuable collaboration among students.

There are a vast variety of topics and ideas to adapt and create a writing piece, such as individual stories, achievements, and personal experiences, and solvable and impending issues facing our school. Additionally, there are options to contribute to the local food blog, interview people who run foundations in school, or write opinion articles, editorial cartoons, comic strips or joke sections. There are plenty of interesting ideas for articles, such as writing about school sports, athletes, teams or other clubs, books, class projects, or restaurant reviews. Another option is to interview former alumni or local activists.

For the last few years, The Lions’ Roar has been run efficiently and fluently by academic advisor, Mr. Dominick and Coeditors-in-Chief, Daniel and Lea Porotov. They are very friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful to everyone in our club. I want to thank them all on behalf of our team. As an upcoming Editor- in-Chief for the Lions’ Roar, I pledge to continue to contribute and make our publication relevant, interesting, meaningful, and interactive for everyone in our school. 

If you want to be a part of our team, please join our club (Classroom code ly3epmp).  You don’t have to be an experienced writer and we will edit your articles. We are always looking for new writers!