Senior Superlatives


Most Likely to Win the Lottery and Lose the Ticket

Nihal Bankulla & Clare O’Donnell

Celebrity Look Alikes

Sophia Chacko (Zendaya) & Viktorya Petrossian (Victoria De Angells)

Biggest Gym Rat

Mikayel Petrossian

Most Spirited

Jess Shein & Annie Nathan

Best Smile

Mia Karros & Aidan Kasner

Most Mature

Adriana Ciuciu & Nicholas Guntsadze

Most Likely to Argue with a Teacher

Seion Islam & Ava Devlin

Most Involved

Sarah Rosala & Juliet Yavas

Biggest Flirts

Rachel Sonis & Sean Maloney

Most Memorable

Daniel Porotov & Daniel Gentry

Most Likely to be Late to Graduation

Shea Woods & Alexis Gorin

Most Athletic

Ian Alicea & Elizabeth Neeld

Best Couple

Barton Cooper & Leah Melnikov

Couple That Never Was

Matthew Gannon & Phillip Uliano

Most Likely to Brighten Someone’s Day

Michelle Hall & Arlene Singh

Most Likely to Save a Life

Isabella Gioia

Most Likely to be Successful

Phillip Duarte

Most Likely to be on Broadway

Will Bond, Izzy Magazzeni, and Sophia Zalipsky

Class Clowns

George Mchedlishvili & Eden Attias

Teacher’s Pet

Matt Gannon

Best Photographers 

Michelle Hall, Barton Cooper & Viktorya Petrossian

Most Likely to Share the Homework with the Class

Ian Alicea & Jude Blumhardt

Best Laugh

Jessica Shein & Arlene Singh

Worst Driver

Alexis Gorin

Least Affected by Senioritis

Lea Porotov & Meggan Shvartsberg

Most Affected by Senioritis

Clare O’Donnell & Madylin Link

Most Likely to Plan the Reunion

Sarah Rosala

Human Encyclopedia

Gabriella Thomas

Most Likely to Become LM Faculty

Jack Becker & Kyle Wieczorek

Most Likely to Become President

Phillip Duarte & Ava Devlin

Most Changed Since Freshman Year

Elijah Chacko & Roan McCormick

Most Musically Talented

Matthew Stolarski & Luke McShane

Most Likely to be in the FBI/CIA

Isabella Ricciardi & Timothy Kim

Most Inseparable Friends

Matthew Gannon & Phillip Uliano

Forever Young

Meggan Shvartsberg & Jake Erlichman

Most Athetic Couple

Gabriel Krutsinger & Sofia O’Brien

Couple with the Biggest Height Difference

Gabriel Krutsinger & Sofia O’Brien

Most Likely to get Dunkin/Starbucks More Than Once a Day

Jane Rosenthal

Most Likely to be at a Protest

Elisabeth Kokorin & Lilianne Simons

Most Likely to Fall Asleep in Class

Aiden Moffitt & Jason Levin

Most Likely to Actually Try in PE Class: 

Ashton Feldman & Shea Woods

Most Opinionated

Elisabeth Kokorin & Henry Howard

Life of the Party

Noam Abraham

Best Podcast Voice

William Bond

Most Optimistic 

Maggie Cejne & Daniel Porotov

Best Notes

Natalie Shiloni, Jasmine Shao & Evelyn Suh

Most Likely to be Famous

Sophia Zalipsky & Aaron Sandler

Most Sarcastic

Jacob Heller & Leah Levitan

Most Talkative

Victor Linetsky & Clare O’Donnell

Most Likely to Come to School Dressed in Their PJ’s

Ian McErlean & William Bond

Best Eyes

Rachel Sonis & Lexi Moore

Best Dressed

Elijah Chacko & Dan Gentry

Most Laid-Back

Westin Green & Nicholas Guntsadze

Most Likely to Lose Their Chromebook

Shea Woods & Thomas Pryzbylinski

Most Artistic

Dalana Arnwine & Lexi Moore

Best Sense of Humor

Noam Abraham & Aaron Sandler

Best Dancer

Lilly Fink

Best Singer

Isabella Magazzeni & Daniel Gentry

Best Problem Solver

Phillip Duarte & Daniel Porotov

Most Accident-Prone

Nihal Bankulla & Jack Abramson

Most Selfless

Michelle Hall

Most Social

Matthew Gannon & Eden Attias

Biggest Complainer

Maya Vaisman & Alexis Gorin

Most Underrated 

Maggie Cejne, Elijah Chacko & Michelle Hall

Most Likely to Know the Lyrics to Every Song

Sarah Rosala & Isabella Magazzeni

Most Competitive

Elizabeth Neeld & Shea Woods

Most Dependable

Daniel Porotov & Maggie Cejne

Most Ambitious

Phillip Duarte

Biggest Procrastinator

Mikayel Petrossian

Most Likely to Spend All Their Money at Wawa

Daniel Nulman

Most Likely to Send Their Kids to LM

Jack Becker & Lilly Brown

Most Likely to be Absent on a Test Day

Ethan Barg & Brandon Marino

Most Likely to Make an LM-related Instagram Account

Jane Rosenthal & Sarah Rosala

Most Likely to Design Their Own Clothes

Viktorya Petrossian

Most Linguistically Talented

Daniel Gentry, Daniel Porotov & Lea Porotov

Most Likely to Rebuild a Car

Angelo Demaio & Leo Levy

Most Likely to Have Their Work Featured in a Museum

Elisabeth Kokorin & Viktorya Petrossian

Most Likely to Break a World Record at the Olympics

Aaron Sandler

Most Likely to Move to a Foreign Country

Christiana McKenna

Most Likely to Win a Nobel Prize

Phillip Duarte & Daniel Porotov

Most Likely to Become CEO

Ava Devlin, Ashton Feldman & Aaron Sandler

Most Likely to Have Their Own Reality Show

Alexis Gorin

Most Likely to Become a Lawyer

Ava Devlin & Maggie Cejne

Most Likely to Become a Doctor

Ashton Feldman, Adriana Ciuciu & Leah Melnikov

Most Likely To Become an Engineer

Nicholas Guntsadze & Daniel Porotov

Most Likely to Become a Programmer

Varun Singh

Most Likely to Start Their Own Company

Annie Nathan, Jack Gannon & Shane Playford

Most Likely to Solve a Global Issue

Elisabeth Kokorin & Daniel Porotov

Most Likely to Become a Veterinarian

Michelle Levin, Lainie Galdo & Melina Papanikolau

Most Likely to Become an Influencer

Dimore Hananel

Most Likely to Write a Bestselling Book

Lea Porotov

Most Likely to Build/Design Their Own Dream House

Dalana Arnwine

Most Like to be a Makeup Artist in Hollywood

Demmi Fox

Most Likely to be on the Cover of Time Magazine

Sophia Zalipsky & Daniel Porotov

Most Likely to Start Their Own Band

Justin Moore & Matt Stolarski

Dynamic Duo

Leah Melnikov and Adelle Melnikov

Best Advice

Siri Hellenbrand

Most Organized

Maggie Cejne & Annie Nathan

Best Taste in Music

Sarah Rosala

Best Nickname

Daniel “Wawa Dan” Nulman

Most Likely to Become the Next Kardashian

Alexis Gorin

Most Likely to be Tardy

Shea Woods

Most Introverted

Andrew Wang

Most Extroverted

Eden Attias

Best Tiktoks

Christiana McKenna

Most Likely to Take the Most APs

Phillip Duarte & Meggan Shvartsberg

Biggest Gamer

Daniel Tumarenko & Vincent Zhang

Most Unique

Daniel Nulman

Most Likely to Never Study but Get a Good Grade

Phillip Duarte