LM Hosts Multicultural Night


Students displayed cultural pride through traditional dress, cuisine, and music.

Lea Porotov, Co-editor-in-Chief

On Friday evening, March 10, Lower Moreland hosted Multicultural Night, a two hour long event that showcased the rich diversity of its community through delicious cuisine, captivating musical performances, and immersive cultural activities. The night saw the high school cafeteria, once filled with soggy chicken nuggets, teeming with dishes from over a dozen countries. Belarusian potato pancakes sat next to Mexican enchiladas, and plates of Chinese dumplings were piled across from Iranian chicken and rice. Although the food was the main attraction, creatively decorated tables provided for a heightened sensory, if not gustatory, presentation. The Jamaican table was adorned with bright flags and one student’s Argentinian display featured soccer balls and a slide-player of Messi.

In addition to being filled with tantalizing aromas from around the world, the atmosphere was alive with music. Eager to share the sounds of his culture, one young boy played a traditional song on an Erhu, a Chinese instrument similar to a two-stringed fiddle. His performance was followed by another student who impressed listeners with his ability to simultaneously strum a guitar and play the harmonica. Outside of the dining area, stations provided a space for attendees to experience the various activities associated with peoples’ cultures. Willing participants could try their hand at a Diablo (a Chinese Yo-Yo), or draw traditional patterns with Indian Henna ink. Judging by the empty food trays and satisfied smiles, the night was a complete success.