Asian Cultures Club Brings Inclusivity to LM


Left to right: President Elijah Chacko, Treasurer Anya Yang, Vice President Priscilla Ju, Social Media Rep Michelle Hall, and Secretary Selena Chen. Photo Credit: Isha Chitirala

Rebecca Ling

As fall begins and the clubs at Lower Moreland start having their first meetings, it can be overwhelming to decide what to join. New students are often unsure what activities will have engaging content, give them beneficial information and skills, and have meetings and events that correlate with their schedules and level of commitment. Meet Asian Cultures Club: an interesting, diverse, and inclusive club centered around the different cultures of Asian students at LM. 

I interviewed Treasurer Anya Yang, Secretary Selena Chen, and Social Media representative Michelle Hall to get a better understanding of the activities and outlook for the club for this year. 

What was the purpose of starting Asian Cultures club? What can students who join learn from it? 

Anya: “The purpose behind this club was mainly to connect people of the same culture together. And we’re not exclusively only for people from Asia, we include all people from different ethnicities. It’s just a way for people to understand different cultures and get to know them.”

What are some typical activities students can expect to participate in during meetings? 

Michelle: “Different cultural activities can be expected. Last year we did henna, played traditional games and learned about them, and had people come in to teach languages such as Korean, Mandarin, and Japanese.”

Are there any exciting events or trips already planned for the year? 

Selena: “We are planning a Mochi ring donut fundraiser again this year, and we are also hoping to create some merch and sell it to rep Asian Cultures Club.”

How does a club like Asian Cultures club benefit the students and community in LM?

Anya: “There’s a lot of ignorance in our society, especially within Lower Moreland, with everything in the past that has happened, and I think that it is strictly from not having enough knowledge of someone’s culture, not appreciating it. I feel like Asian Cultures Club does a really good job at showing people a whole new world, a world where people need to feel accepted, people need to feel that they are included in things so that we don’t make the same mistakes as in the past.”

Asian Cultures Club is a great opportunity for students to open their eyes to different cultures prevalent in the LM community. Anyone can join, and it is an eye-opening experience for many students to become more culturally aware and proficient. 

Personally, I love this club because of its relaxing atmosphere and the uplifting nature of its members. The activities are relaxed, while also being educational. It allows you to connect with fellow classmates and support the large Asian community at Lower Moreland. Everyone is welcomed, and meetings are only every other Monday, making it an easy club to be committed to while still having plenty of free time. For students looking for a gradual way to ease into extracurriculars this fall, ACC is a great option.