Ooka Serves Up Colorful, Authentic Creations


Bold presentation and delicious taste go hand in hand at Ooka

Lisa Ross, Writer

Ooka is a Japanese sushi and hibachi restaurant located at 1109 Easton Road in Willow Grove. It opened in 1997 and presently has two more Pennsylvania locations in Doylestown and Montgomeryville, along with a location in California. Ooka provides a one-of-a-kind dining experience for guests, emphasizing freshness, originality, and presentation.

Ooka’s hibachi area provides guests with a feast for the eyes with a variety of meats, seafood, shellfish, and one-of-a-kind poultry dishes. Ooka is a great place to celebrate special occasions or just dine in for lunch or dinner. The restaurant offers a great variety of dining options, including soups, salads, cold and hot appetizers, and a vast selection of entrées. All dishes are freshly made to perfection with a unique presentation but, perhaps most importantly, they are very reasonably priced. The restaurant is elegant and clean, decorated with beautiful wooden furniture in traditional, contemporary Japanese style.

All Ooka dishes celebrate traditional Japanese cuisine’s flavors, textures, and colors. Authentic and appealing dishes include sashimi, sushi, tofu, tempura, and soba. Sashimi is raw seafood like tuna, salmon, or squid arranged on top of white or brown rice and garnished with salad leaves, looking fabulous for any authentic fish connoisseur. Sushi is available in raw and fully-cooked vegetarian styles, or traditional styles served with soy sauce and wasabi.

Ooka offers a great selection of sushi, including raw choices of fish or fully-cooked seafood, such as eel, shrimp, octopus, or crab. Most famous are Ooka’s signature rolls, including shiitake mushroom, shrimp dragon, spicy scallop, hot fancy, rainbow, and James Bond king crab. Tofu dishes made of soy milk are top choices for guests with a vegetarian diet. Tempura dishes are mainly prepared with seafood, poultry, meat, and vegetables, with a heavy emphasis on soba and side options, such as noodles or rice. 

Ooka offers many affordable and quick daily lunch specials ranging from bento box varieties to sushi and sashimi specials. The restaurant is always busy, but because of its size, it can accommodate many guests, including those who choose lunch and dinner pick-up options. 

I have dined at Ooka on many occasions in the past few years, most recently ordering sushi with my family to celebrate my brother’s birthday in early October. We picked a variety of specialty roll choices, such as dragon roll, shrimp dragon roll, lobster tempura roll, shrimp tempura roll, chicken tempura roll, dynamite roll, and baked Philadelphia roll, along with side options, soups, and salads. All food selections were prepared to perfection with an emphasis on appealing presentation, freshness, and incredible taste. It took no more than 10 minutes after we ordered for the food to be prepared and served in several courses. We loved our food, and I loved the sushi rolls the most because of their superb taste and unique nutritional qualities. Bon appétit!