Alexis MacPhee – Freshman Baker Extraordinaire  


Kevin Dede, Writer

Alexis MacPhee is a freshman who has turned her love of baking into a business. The 14-year-old has loved baking ever since she was a little girl, stating, “I have always had a sweet tooth.” That sweet tooth of hers has allowed her to turn this passion for cakes and cookies into a genuine money-making machine.

In June of 2020, Alexis decided to start her own business, Alexis Jules’ Bake Shop, where she sells treats such as cinnamon buns, cookies, and mini banana bread muffins. Not only is Alexis doing what she loves, but she is making money from it. When I was 12, I was watching Pokemon or playing Roblox. I can’t imagine a 12-year-old starting a business, although quite a few LM students have developed their own businesses since 2020. Alexis has been in the baking game for over two years now, and she is not playing around.

If you would like to purchase any of her delicious treats, email [email protected]. Your taste buds will thank you!