Curriculum Renewal Prepares for New High School


The changing curriculum is marked by new textbooks, materials, and resources,

The ever-changing nature of Lower Moreland School District and Lower Moreland High School necessitates one of the most crucial and rigorous processes during the school year: the curriculum renewal process. The curriculum renewal process occurs over the span of six years, encompassing multiple steps and numerous discussions. 

The focus of year one is awareness and research. This stage, according to school principal Mr. Miles, focuses on “talking about what is current practice and what new process might be best for that particular curriculum in terms of textbooks, materials, and online research.” It also gives the school district the time to research other schools in terms of the best academic processes and find out what could be incorporated into Lower Moreland’s own curriculum.

Year two focuses on development and piloting. In this stage, a department may choose two or more resources, such as textbooks, to pilot along with current resources. This allows the department to analyze and decide what the best materials might be for the new curriculum.

Year three prioritizes integration and revision. By this stage, certain processes from the previous year have already been instituted, and there is a focus on integrating textbooks and other resources. Each department also works to revise the existing curriculum and make any necessary changes, which are based on the observations, outcomes, and analyses of the new curriculum. “Is the curriculum being covered, and, based on a learning process, is it . . . best suited for student achievement?” Mr. Miles explained, describing the question that all members of the department must ask during this stage.

Finally, the longest part of this process occurs from years four to six: implementation. According to Mr. Miles, this stage hones in on “really utilizing the materials and resources and textbooks that have been selected . . . Making adaptations year by year, what is working best . . . and just asking all the questions . . . namely are these the best resources for student outcomes.” This stage finalizes the curriculum until the curriculum renewal process starts anew in another few years. 

Not every subject goes through the renewal process at the same time, though. According to Mr. Miles, “You may have two departments in year one, two departments in year two . . . you’re not reinventing all the curriculum at the same time.” For example, the science department is currently in the process of “making decisions about . . . the courses that are offered,” says Mr. Miles. These changes have become especially significant with the addition of a new high school building.  

“It’s really the perfect time,” Mr. Miles concludes. Major curriculum changes are going to be crucial moving forward, and there is no better time than now to prepare for the drastic changes the school district, particularly the high school, will be going through. With Lower Moreland High School’s dedication to academic excellence, such changes will undoubtedly allow future LM students to thrive.