The Soulmate Equation: Book Review


A refreshing blend of sci-fi and romance | Source: Simon & Schuster

Clancey Benfer, Writer

What if you could find your soulmate with just a DNA test? Christina Lauren’s The Soulmate Equation tells the story of Jess, a single mom and statistician who takes a chance on her supposed soulmate for some money and a chance at love. Jess and her best friend Fizzy stop at the same coffee shop everyday, always seeing the mysterious, and somewhat cold, River Peña. One day, he reveals to them his groundbreaking service that will take a DNA sample and match an individual with other samples based on compatibility. Jess is initially skeptical, but goes through with it. She is shocked to get a call that she has had the highest match to date with the one and only Dr. Peña. The two agree to get to know each other, and what follows is an enjoyable and somewhat geeky story of love and family. 

I was initially skeptical about this book, as this is the first sci-fi book written by this author. However, this novel was delightful. It had strong main characters as well as entertaining supporting characters. It was refreshing to see a romance book where the main conflict is not a lazy miscommunication between the two main love interests. The plot of The Soulmate Equation is fast-paced and keeps the reader interested the entire time. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a feel-good romance story with elements of science. Luckily, the few scenes filled with scientific terms are not hard to follow. Five out of five stars!