Crochet Club Brings Old-Fashioned Fun to LM


Crochet club members create colorful bags

Sharon Lee, Writer

As spring rolls around, many LM students start stressing over the thought of finals. But what if I told you that as we get closer to the end of the year, there is a way to relieve that worry and anxiety? Enter Crochet Club, a new activity co-founded by freshmen Gabriella Truong and Becky Ling and sponsored by Mr. Obringer.

Gabriella and Becky put many hours of hard work into creating this club. Holding meetings with Mr. Obringer, running around school posting flyers, making an Instagram account, getting the club board-approved, and creating new and exciting lessons every week are just a few of the ways they have helped to build interest in their organization.

The club meets every Thursday in the band room with tons of supplies for all members. Members are advised to come not necessarily every week, but rather whenever it works for their schedules. I love the club because it provides time for me to catch up with friends, listen to great music, and most importantly, crochet an overly tight granny square. There is no harm in trying something new – so come to Crochet Club and try out a new skill!!