The Benefits of Volleyball for Lower Moreland


Dearda Krasniqi, Writer

Do you know a lot of people who play volleyball? While many people like the sport, there are not a lot of opportunities at Lower Moreland to participate in or watch it. Establishing a volleyball program at LMHS is a decision that could have multiple positive effects on the students and the community as a whole. 

According to an International Volleyball Fact Sheet, 800 million people play volleyball globally. Volleyball helps people burn calories and stay fit, and can be an effective method for stress relief. When they are on the court, volleyball players each use their special skills (setter, outside hitter, defensive specialist, etc.) to help the team achieve victory, so team chemistry is a vital component of any successful squad.

Volleyball is a great sport for getting daily exercise and building strength. It works the glutes, hamstrings, and quadriceps, as well as the muscles in your shins and calves. Playing volleyball is a great way to stay toned, cut body fat, improve muscle and nerve coordination, heighten the body’s metabolic rate, and rejuvenate vital organs in the body.

The benefits of volleyball are not only physical, but mental. When the players are competing, they are busy observing the actions of their opponents and evaluating their best chances to score. Though there are other sports that also help with one’s mental acuity, volleyball is unique in that each team chooses who gets the ball. A team, for example, may serve the ball to a player who is not paying attention, or to a player who has trouble handling hard passes. This forces players to pay attention all the time, increasing their awareness and focus.

Volleyball is a sport that provides many benefits to those who play it. It helps enhance a person’s mental, social, and physical skills. Thinking about all these benefits, one could easily see the advantages of having a volleyball team at Lower Moreland. Perhaps in time this sport will have a place among the others offered at LMHS.