“The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940” Marks LMHS Drama’s Triumphant Return

Clancey Benfer, Writer

The Lower Moreland High School Drama Club returned to the stage with a bang in early November, putting on a production of The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940. Last year’s fall show was a monologue project, viewed virtually on YouTube, and the spring show was a non-traditional musical called Working. Family and friends who wished to see Working could rent the show for a few hours. But on November 11th, the LMHS drama club performed before a live audience for the first time since 2019. 

Filled with clever jokes, entertaining scenes, and a captivating plot, the show had audience members asking “Who-dunnit?” from the first minute. Starting off with the murder of a maid, Helsa, on a dark stage and an unknown silhouette hiding the body, the show then follows eight guests as they attent a dinner party at the wealthy Elsa Von Grossanknueten’s home, the location of the murder. The guests consist of a comedian, a showgirl, a cop, a songwriter, a playwright, a director, a producer, and an actor. All arrive under the pretense that they will be working to create Broadway’s next big hit. As the guests get to know each other, suspicions arise, not only about the real purpose of the dinner party, but also about a series of unsolved murders that occurred a few years ago. Though the play ends with Helsa and another guest dead, both murders are eventually solved. 

It was clear that all ten actors and actresses were elated to be back on stage. Paris Keegan and Michael Salomone returned to the LMHS stage for their second to last performance. Juniors Kyle Wieczorek, Will Bond, Izzy Magazzeni and Sharon Anil also starred in the show. Sophomores Ellie Lynch, Madison Heller, and Luke Cullen participated in their first real show at the high school, and freshman Kasey Lim made her debut alongside them. Sofia Duffey, a senior, worked with director Mrs. Abramson as student director. Their collective dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work made the LMHS Drama Club’s return to the stage a fantastic success. 


Chaos erupts on stage as characters are mysteriously killed.