Swimmers Ready to Dive Back into the Season


Swimmers look excited for their first practice of the season on November 2nd, 2020.

Samantha Horsnall

Covid-19, which has delayed school sports this year, has already affected the upcoming winter season. Due to restrictions on extracurriculars inside and outside school by Governor Tom Wolf, practices and meets were cancelled and postponed until the tentative date of January 4th. Still, swimmers have been working in and out of the pool to prepare for their season in January. 

Led by head coach Karney Cacciavillano-McNear, NFHS & PIAA’s Head Coach of the year in 2018, and by seniors Samantha Becker and Noah Ferker, captains of the girls and boys team, respectively, the swimming team managed to practice for a little over a week before the cancellation. Now, students must continue to keep in shape individually for the return to the pool in January.

What is known now is that the first meet of the season will be on January 11th. Even with schools sadly having to cancel some meets in December to keep our schools and swimmers safe, the coaches worked hard to preserve the winter season.

With a strong group of veteran swimmers combined with a fresh wave of determined first-years, the swim team is looking stronger than ever. Even though some swimmers had not swum since the cancellation of sports in March, the team got into the pool to practice and work on November 2nd. There are high hopes for success, especially with the boys team retaining the district championship for several years in a row, and a high ranking for the girls team.

The swim team is looking to dive right back into competition in January while continuing to follow the Covid-19 guidelines at practices. But it is up to the community to help students and athletes be able to participate in the sports they love. Everyone has to do their part by wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. With luck, the swim team will be able to experience the thrill of victory very soon. 

As said by Macayla McIntrye, a freshmen and member of Lower Moreland’s District team, “I was really bummed out when I heard it was pushed back, but they never said it was over.” And she is right: the season is not over, so it is up to all winter athletes to make the most of their opportunities and work hard.